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For nearly 25 years Kristen has been telling stories.


From producing programming for Lifetime and A&E to her on camera career as a broadcast journalist and sports reporter in Boston, Kristen has always realized that everyone has a story to tell.  After television, she spent 9 years at a boutique PR agency developing outreach for luxury brands, athletes, and non-profits. Today she is the owner of KDaly Communications, where she works with high-level executives and CEO’s to better communicate their brand and vision.


Message development, speech writing, media training, and coaching that makes an impact is at the core of her business. With clients in healthcare, national defense, the alcoholic beverage industry and many more, she is a sought after partner known for her no nonsense, direct style that cuts through the noise and zeros in on success. Kristen is married with two children and lives in the Greater Boston area. She is a summer resident of Oak Bluffs.

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