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"Successfully connecting women of all ages and walks of life.


Enriching professional and personal journeys through empowerment.





Corethia V.E. Oates lifetime mission is to do well by helping others.  As a  community leader she helps empower people, especially women and minorities  reach their personal goals.


Teresa Clarke

Teresa H. Clarke is the Chairman and CEO of, a media holding company with a range of platforms that reach the African audience.  Ms. Clarke was the first African-American woman to be named a managing director in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs & Co., where she worked for twelve years.


She serves on the board of two public companies in the financial services sector, one in Australia and one in Mauritius. 



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Fonkoze was created over 23 years ago to bring financial inclusion and development services to Haiti's poor -primarily women- providing them a viable way to lift themselves out of poverty.

What They Do

Offering both financial and development services, Fonkoze’s Staircase Out of Poverty provides a comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation in Haiti. Each of its four Steps is uniquely designed to provide a woman with the resources and support that she needs to ascend from poverty, wherever she is in her climb. Along with the four main Steps, Fonkoze’s Staircase includes “Handrails”—programs that provide our members and clients with business skills training, education, and health services to support them as they progress. Our accompaniment is designed to help women succeed as they do the hard work required to climb the Staircase, creating a better future for themselves and their families.


Oak Bluffs Library

August 14, 2017 

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