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Carla Moore is the new Vice President of Point of Sale Strategy and Education for Home Box Office (HBO) in New York. She is leading the charge to redefine the company’s brand training narrative, discover new sales approach strategies and develop specialized sales training curriculum and continuous education programs for sales brand ambassadors. 


Her career with HBO began 19 years ago as an entry‐level sales trainer. Before transitioning to her current role, Carla was VP Talent Acquisition driving innovative talent management strategies to support the growing need for a more digitally adept, multicultural, multigenerational workforce at HBO.


The cornerstone of Carla’s career at HBO has been in Domestic Network Distribution, with her most recent DND role leading a sales and marketing team serving 3.7 million HBO and Cinemax subscribers representing $400 million in annual revenues. Her team helped bring next generation products to market, identified new revenue prospects and created opportunities to leverage HBO content across multiple platforms to drive subscriber growth. 


Prior to joining HBO, Carla managed customer service operations for Comcast and Sprint Communications. She is an active member in the media industry and a graduate of two leading industry programs: CTAM U at Harvard Business School and NAMIC Executive Leadership Program at Darden School of Business at University of Virginia. Carla sits on several industry and civic organization boards. She received her MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago. 


Her new book CRASH! Using Personal Power To Transform Your Leadership captures the lightening moment that led to Carla’s epiphany about the role of personal transformation in improving leadership. Her book is due out September 2017.

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